Participation in Economist Conference: “Eastmed Infrastructure in the next decade. Is Greece on its way to become a major regional hub?”, April 2019, Grand Hyatt Athens

As Greece leaves behind the bailout programmes, the country focuses on investment and the reforms urgently needed in order to move on towards a phase of solid and sustainable recovery. Older and new infrastructure projects that involve public, private and EU stakeholders –including highways, railways, ports, airports, waste and water management projects and energy networks– now gain momentum. The issue of funding remains of crucial importance, while there is much discussion on Europe’s strategy to enhance connectivity and mobility across the south-east European region.

Does Greece have the potential to establish itself as an important interregional hub in the next decade?
Can investment in infrastructure and networks signify a period of stability and growth in the Balkans?
The Economist Events are proud to announce the organisation of a special event entitled “EASTMED INFRASTRUCTURE IN THE NEXT DECADE: Is Greece on its way to becoming a major regional hub?” scheduled to take place on April 11th-12th 2019.

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