We advise our clients on all aspects of labour law, from the structures under which it is favourable for a business to employ staff, to the employment implications which arise in all types of commercial and corporate transactions, including structural changes to a business, mergers and acquisitions. We offer detailed advice on:

  • engagement and dismissal of employees
  • employee and employer rights and obligations
  • fulfilment of requirements in compliance with European and national legislation and regulations, including health and safety, codes of conduct, recruitment quotas and social security requirements
  • redundancies
  • transfer of employees
  • immigration and employment of overseas residents in Greece

Christopoulos & Associates is specialised in drafting and advising on the entry into and severance of employment contracts for all levels of employees, collective employment agreements, outsourcing contracts and independent contractors’ agreements. We have particular expertise in specialised employment agreements in fields such as sports, television and the arts and are known for the work we do for local authorities in this area. Our Employment practice advises on all aspects of employee remuneration, including:

  • employee benefits
  • salaries and alternative remuneration
  • compensation schemes
  • retirement and pension schemes
  • insurance
  • social security payments
  • share options
  • severance packages

Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyers represent our clients in disputes arising in this sector, including in relation to unfair dismissals, compensation and redundancies on the transfer of an undertaking. We also represent our clients before all competent courts and tribunals dealing with employment law issues.

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