Real Estate

Our Real Estate practice provides a complete service in this area of the law, from involvement in negotiations for purchase of property, to advising on appropriate ownership structures for real estate assets. The local regime governing the registration of ownership, liens and encumbrances is complicated and we focus on assisting our clients, which include property developers, private individuals and hotel and leisure companies, in protecting their rights as efficiently and completely as possible. We are able to advise in relation to all issues arising in the sale and purchase of land and property, including:

  • the negotiation, drafting of and entry into all types of contracts, from straightforward sale, purchase and leases to time sharing
  • the performance of due diligence to ascertain ownership of a piece of land
  • compliance with planning regulations and applications for planning permissions
  • compliance with environmental and sanitary regulations and obtaining appropriate clearances, including forestry and archaeological clearances
  • obtaining permits, including building and development permits
  • applications for specialized licenses such as licenses to run casinos and to use explosives for the construction of access roads
  • compliance with the legislation governing the obligations of commercial enterprises such as hotel and leisure chains to their neighbors
  • compliance with local authority regulations and interfacing with the regulators

We have a specialized client base made up of companies in the hotel and leisure business and developers of marinas and industrial property, which look to us for advice on the licenses needed to run their businesses, insurance issues and the management of property contracts. We also advise a number of port authorities.

Our Finance and Real Estate lawyers work together to advise on the financing structures available for the purchase of property. Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice advises on litigation arising in this sector, including the assertion of ownership rights, access to water and electricity, trespassing and civil engineering and construction matters. We also advise on issues involving the State, such as expropriation of land and appropriate compensation

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